Hungary (cookwarewarrior) wrote,

♘ 008 - video

[the video feed cuts on to Hungary inside Union Cave. She seems to have been using her long absence from checking her Pokegear in diligently training; Angel looks really tough now, and she herself looks like she's been working out.

Angel is staring down an Onix at the moment.

We'll catch this beauty and have her help defeat the birdkeeper, won't we, Angel?

[Angel barks a clipped 'Doom!' in response. Hungary takes that as favorable. ]

We'll make this quick, then.


[Angel's teeth begin glowing, then catch fire. She charges the Onix and catches its tail in her mouth. The Onix is much lower in level than Angel and thus takes the bite pretty hard. Giving a roar it thuds onto the ground in pain as Angel darts out of the way of its tail.]

Yes, perfect.

[Hungary pulls out a pokeball and tosses it at the Onix. One wiggle. Two. Three. Click. Hungary picks up the ball and grins]

Alrght, better get you to the Pokecenter, huh?

...I think I'll call you Cupcake.
Tags: !location: union cave, angel, honorable knight, hungary can actually capture pokemon?, what's with these names?
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