Hungary (cookwarewarrior) wrote,

♘006 - [video/action for those of you on Route 32]

[Hungary is out in the snow training her Houndour. Angel doesn't seem to like the snow too much, judging by how she keeps shaking her paws]

It's okay sweetie. We'll get you back inside soon. Let's just battle one more wild pokemon.

[She trudges around in the tall grass a bit more before kicking up a Mareep. The startled sheeplike pokemon looks around before settling its eyes on Hungary and Angel, bristling with electricity]

Perfect. Angel! Ember!

[the Houndour carries out the command swiftly. The Mareep is caught up in the flames easily. It has a little more strength left, though]

Good! Finish it with a bite!

[Angel does so while the Mareep is still struggling to get up. That bite makes it faint]

Good job, Angel!


[Angel is glowing. Hungary is completely confused and just stands there, stunned]

What's happening? Are you alright, Angel?

[The light becomes so bright that Hungary has to shield her eyes, what with it reflecting off the snow. When the light fades, she opens her eyes and her jaw drops. Before her is Angel, who is now a Houndoom.]

....Whoa. You're....


[Angel wags her elongated tail happily at the praise and pounces on Hungary, knocking her over to lick her face. She's laughing and rolling in the snow with her evolved pokemon]
Tags: angel, location: route 32, mysterious mysteries, nomadic tendencies
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