Hungary (cookwarewarrior) wrote,

♘ 005 - [video; in Sprout Tower]

[So for whatever reason, Hungary has decided to film her endeavor of attempting to capture a new pokemon. She seems to be going after a Gastly of all things. Her Houndour stays alert from about her position a foot ahead of Hungary; Angel is the only visible being on screen, but Hungary's breathing is audible]

--I'll catch one this time. I stocked up on pokeballs just in case. They're just too cute for me to give up!

[A shadow flickers and Hungary notices from the corner of her eye. She locks eyes with where the pokemon should be]

Angel, Ember!

[she points the direction and the Houndour gladly obeys the command, spewing flames at the potential enemy.

The Gastly shows itself and attempts to dodge, but is still hit. Angel is a much stronger pokemon at this point, so the Gastly is drastically weakened.

Aha! You're mine now! Pokeball go~!

[She tosses the pokeball at the Gastly with a little more force than was necessary and waits with baited breath. One wiggle. Two. Three. Click.]


[She retrieves the ball and smiles at it affectionately]

I think I'll call you Fluffy.
Tags: fluffy the gastly, hungary can actually capture pokemon?, location: sprout tower, what's with these names?
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