Hungary (cookwarewarrior) wrote,

♘ 004 - [video, action for those on the route between Violet City and the Ruins of Alph]

I'd been hearing strange things about crystals on the pokegear and had to see for myself. Excuse my language, but what the hell is going on here?!

[Angel grits her teeth and growls at the crystals. They continue approaching the ruins with caution until suddenly a few Unown appear, clearly with hostile intentions]

Crap! What even are those? Nevermind. ANGEL, EMBER!

[she hastily cuts the feed there]
Tags: event: unowns, honorable knight, location: ruins of alph, mysterious mysteries, nomadic tendencies, pokeymans is srs bsns
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Deleted comment

[the feed clicks back on to show Hungary breathing heavily, Angel lying down panting as she rests, and a few Unown lying defeated. The others seem to have fled]

I-I'm alright.

Deleted comment

It's been worrisome, but I can take it. I've handled much worse.

Deleted comment

Yeah. Anything from wars to rebellions I've had to quash. This isn't nearly as bad.

Deleted comment

All in a day's work for a nation, I'm afraid.

Deleted comment



Hungary at your service!

Deleted comment

[well that eliminates the "awkward staring" phase of introductions, anyway!]

It's nice to meet you, too, Ven!

Deleted comment

About three months. What about you?

Deleted comment

I see. Do you like it here?

Deleted comment

Me too! I'm enjoying this quite a bit, actually. I do have my duties waiting whenever I get home, but it doesn't seem like there's any way out, at least not now. So I may as well enjoy myself while I'm here, right? Sort of like a vacation.

Deleted comment

By the way, Ventus, what pokemon do you have?