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♘ 008 - video

[the video feed cuts on to Hungary inside Union Cave. She seems to have been using her long absence from checking her Pokegear in diligently training; Angel looks really tough now, and she herself looks like she's been working out.

Angel is staring down an Onix at the moment.

We'll catch this beauty and have her help defeat the birdkeeper, won't we, Angel?

[Angel barks a clipped 'Doom!' in response. Hungary takes that as favorable. ]

We'll make this quick, then.


[Angel's teeth begin glowing, then catch fire. She charges the Onix and catches its tail in her mouth. The Onix is much lower in level than Angel and thus takes the bite pretty hard. Giving a roar it thuds onto the ground in pain as Angel darts out of the way of its tail.]

Yes, perfect.

[Hungary pulls out a pokeball and tosses it at the Onix. One wiggle. Two. Three. Click. Hungary picks up the ball and grins]

Alrght, better get you to the Pokecenter, huh?

...I think I'll call you Cupcake.
[The voice got switched on accidentally in Hungary's frustration. ]

...Always wandering off on his own. How hard is it to not stray off the path when I'm not looking?! Austria, you're lucky I care about you as much as I do, or I would have stopped putting up with this ages ago. Damn it, Angel can't even locate his scent!

Whatever. He'll turn up.
[Hungary is out in the snow training her Houndour. Angel doesn't seem to like the snow too much, judging by how she keeps shaking her paws]

It's okay sweetie. We'll get you back inside soon. Let's just battle one more wild pokemon.

[She trudges around in the tall grass a bit more before kicking up a Mareep. The startled sheeplike pokemon looks around before settling its eyes on Hungary and Angel, bristling with electricity]

Perfect. Angel! Ember!

[the Houndour carries out the command swiftly. The Mareep is caught up in the flames easily. It has a little more strength left, though]

Good! Finish it with a bite!

[Angel does so while the Mareep is still struggling to get up. That bite makes it faint]

Good job, Angel!


[Angel is glowing. Hungary is completely confused and just stands there, stunned]

What's happening? Are you alright, Angel?

[The light becomes so bright that Hungary has to shield her eyes, what with it reflecting off the snow. When the light fades, she opens her eyes and her jaw drops. Before her is Angel, who is now a Houndoom.]

....Whoa. You're....


[Angel wags her elongated tail happily at the praise and pounces on Hungary, knocking her over to lick her face. She's laughing and rolling in the snow with her evolved pokemon]

♘ 005 - [video; in Sprout Tower]

[So for whatever reason, Hungary has decided to film her endeavor of attempting to capture a new pokemon. She seems to be going after a Gastly of all things. Her Houndour stays alert from about her position a foot ahead of Hungary; Angel is the only visible being on screen, but Hungary's breathing is audible]

--I'll catch one this time. I stocked up on pokeballs just in case. They're just too cute for me to give up!

[A shadow flickers and Hungary notices from the corner of her eye. She locks eyes with where the pokemon should be]

Angel, Ember!

[she points the direction and the Houndour gladly obeys the command, spewing flames at the potential enemy.

The Gastly shows itself and attempts to dodge, but is still hit. Angel is a much stronger pokemon at this point, so the Gastly is drastically weakened.

Aha! You're mine now! Pokeball go~!

[She tosses the pokeball at the Gastly with a little more force than was necessary and waits with baited breath. One wiggle. Two. Three. Click.]


[She retrieves the ball and smiles at it affectionately]

I think I'll call you Fluffy.
I'd been hearing strange things about crystals on the pokegear and had to see for myself. Excuse my language, but what the hell is going on here?!

[Angel grits her teeth and growls at the crystals. They continue approaching the ruins with caution until suddenly a few Unown appear, clearly with hostile intentions]

Crap! What even are those? Nevermind. ANGEL, EMBER!

[she hastily cuts the feed there]

♘ 003 - [voice]

Hi! Is there anyone around Violet City that would like to have a friendly battle with me? I haven't actually battled another trainer yet. I've been too distracted walking around and taking in my surroundings, so Angel's only had the chance to battle wild pokemon that try to attack us. She's at level 13 right now. Any takers?
CR Chart

If you've threaded with Hungary and aren't on here, let me know and I'll fix it!


☠ = Hungary really hates your guts
✘ = Hungary doesn't like you much
=Hungary doesn't really know how to feel yet, but is leaning unfavorably
= Hungary doesn't really know how to feel yet, but is leaning favorably
♥ = Hungary likes you and thinks of you as a good ally or at least a potential good ally
♥♥ = Hungary likes you and thinks of you as a good ally and a personal friend. She trusts you to some extent.
♥♥♥ = You're very close to Hungary; a best friend and someone she'd trust with just about anything
= Hungary loves you, all hearts categories also apply.

Heather Mason

- Hungary isn't one to be too judgmental after just meeting someone, but Heather said mean things about Angel. Not cool, especially since Hungary has no idea why.

Rhode Camelot

♥ - They have a similar opinion on what's cute. Hungary wants to have a friendly battle with her. If she'd paid closer attention to how Rhode's Sneasel seems to feel about her, Hungary may feel a bit different, though.


- Another who agrees that Houndour are adorable. They had a pleasant conversation about the nuances of the breed's characteristics. Not enough to really judge by, though.


♥♥ - Foulmouthed as he is, Hiruma has a strong fighting spirit, and Hungary really likes and respects that. She sees him as a friendly rival, and he's the one that gets her fired up to train her pokemon seriously rather than just enjoy the scenery.

♘ 003 - [video]

[Hungary is gritting her teeth while she and Angel are surrounded by a group of three or four Gastly. She wants a proper battle, but the Gastly don't seem to agree. Instead of fighting properly, they keep disappearing and reappearing, licking at the irate Houndour's face.]

...Tch, I can't have Angel use ember in here. She could catch the building on fire or it could hit someone else. It's spread out in here, but people do get pretty close from out of nowhere...If only these things would challenge me honorably!

[Seemingly to mock her, a Gastly phases into visibility right in front of her, licks her face, and disappears, as do all of the others, though one tugs on Angel's ears before it leaves]


♘ 002 - [video]

[Well, here's a probably not-so-familiar face! Hungary has made it to Violet City where she's been leveling up her Houndour (which is at level 12 now) and working for some extra cash just in case. She's finally decided to stop being so antisocial and get her Pokegear back out for communicating. She grins at the screen]

Hi! It's been a while since I've used this thing for communicating. I just got too engrossed in my surroundings I guess. Sorry about that, everyone I've met so far! Heehee~ but this place is just too fascinating not to! I've never seen anything like it before!

Ah, but I'll save that for another time. How is everyone? Where is everyone? My name's Hungary for those of you that don't know, which is probably most of you seeing this. I'm in Violet City and I--

[her Houndour comes into view by way of leaping into her lap and licking her face]

Aah--Angel! Down, girl! Sit!

And this is Angel. Isn't she just the cutest? Isn't she?

She hasn't been liking all this rain, though. I've tried to take her out to train a couple times, but she hates getting wet and it's been pouring. I feel too bad to make her go out, so we've just been staying inside at the Pokemon Center.

Well, I think that's enough for now. I promise I'll be better about communicating!

♘ 001 [video]

[The feed clicks on to a rather awkwardly angled closeup of the top half of Hungary's face. She looks puzzled at first, but then satisfied as she fixes the camera angle and zooms out.]

Okay...I think I have this working now! If anyone's seeing this, can you explain where exactly I am? Is anyone else in the same situation I'm in, for that matter?

...I should probably explain my situation, then.

Alright, so it seems I’m stranded in a place I’ve never seen or even heard of before, and from what I can tell I’m alone; no sign of my boss, Austria, or any of the other nations. If Austria gets hurt, whoever’s behind it is going to regret it. If any of the rest of you are out there, let me know, please?

The lady in the house I woke up in seemed nice, but she sure was in a hurry to get me out of there, and it doesn’t look like she’ll be opening the door again any time soon. I have a backpack, some sort of computerized device that says I’m on a journey, an instruction manual, a change of clothes, and this really cute little dog. I’ve never seen a dog like her before! The computer says she’s a Houndour, but that’s not a very cute name. I’ll call her Angel.

[the Houndour seems to favorably respond to her new name with an amiable bark and paws at Hungary’s legs happily.

At this point, she doesn't really seem to be addressing the camera anymore.

Since it doesn’t seem like there’s any good way out of here, and I seem to be pretty well equipped for this place, I may as well make the best of it, then! It doesn’t look like a whole lot’s going on around here, and the map says the next town is Cherrygrove City. Route 29 takes you there. So what do you say, Angel? Should we get going?

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments regarding how I play Hungary, please leave them here.